Customer Loyalty Rebate Program 2022

Time Frame:

  • Full Season Program
  • 3% rebate sent by October 31st, 2022


  • Submit certified FSA 578 by August 1st, 2022
  • Purchase and plant >90% of planted FSA 578 long grain acres with RiceTec seed for the 2022 growing season.


  • Upload FSA forms to RiceTec.
  • Purchase and plant no less than 90% of the total 2022 FSA-certified LONG GRAIN acres, net of returns, with RiceTec seed.
  • Customer will receive rebate by October 31st, 2022.
  • All purchased seed must be paid in full prior to the issue of payment.


  • FSA MEDIUM GRAIN Acres do not apply toward calculations and are disregardedĀ in total acre calculations.
  • 1 unit = 2 FSA acres on hybrids and 1 FSA acres on variety.
  • Levee products are excluded from the 90%-acre calculation.
  • Rebate will be based on total amount of qualified products purchased by customer.