2023 100% Stand Guarantee Policy

The 2023 RiceTec Stand Guarantee is designed to provide replant seed at no cost to RiceTec Loyalty seed customers in the event the customer does not get an adequate initial stand on his/her RiceTec rice acreage.

Eligibility and Limitations:
• Purchases and plants 90% or more of his/her 2023 long grain rice acres in RiceTec seed.
• Orders and receives seed from an authorized RiceTec Service Partner location in 2023.
• Use current year tested and germ guaranteed seed to be eligible for replant.
• Drill seed the rice in to the seedbed. (No water seeding, broadcast, etc.)
• Follows RiceTec recommendations to enhance seed germination & stand establishment opportunities.
• Have a RiceTec representative view the field in question and confirm eligibility to replant that field.
• Replant RiceTec fields without RiceTec advice will forfeit the opportunity to receive the replant seed.
• When replant is determined to be necessary, only RiceTec seed may be used for the replant.
• Replant seed will not be provided to customers with unpaid seed balances.

Process to receive 100% replant:
• Customer will be invoiced the standard 50% list price replant at the time of the replant with a due date of August 10, 2023.
• Customer must submit a 2023 FSA 578 form no later than August 1, 2023 to verify that 90% or more of their rice acres were planted with RiceTec seed.
• Once verified as a RiceTec Loyalty seed customer, the 50% replant order will be canceled and entered at zero charge, and the customer will no longer be invoiced.

Additional information:
• If, at the time of replant determination, it is determined to be a RiceTec seed quality issue, and it is unfeasible to replant rice in the field during 2023, RiceTec will provide deferred replant seed for the following season to plant 50% of the equivalent acres at our recommended seeding rate.
• To qualify for deferred replant the current/remaining hybrid rice crop must be destroyed and no rice can be planted in the field until next season.