The FullPage® Rice Cropping Solution and Preface and Postscript herbicides, and SQUAD™ seed treatment technologies were released by RiceTec and ADAMA in 2019. FullPage® represents a new generation of improved IMI herbicide tolerance for rice seed, improving yields, herbicide tolerance and early-season disease and insect protection.

FullPage® hybrids show a marked improvement in tolerance to IMI herbicides. This improved tolerance reduces the risk of crop response during stressful growing conditions and in overlap situations, and increases overall yield.  This reduces stress for the grower and improves application, timing and flooding flexibility.

The FullPage® Cropping Solution includes the use of Preface™ (imazethapyr) and Postscript™ (imazamox) herbicides. Preface tackles troublesome rice weeds such as red, weedy and feral rice and barnyard grass.  It combines post-emergence and residual activity.  Postscript can be applied post-emergence or post-flood for any escapes.

The four FullPage® products available for the 2023 planting season and protected by SQUAD include: RT7321 FP, RT7421 FP, RT7521 FP, and RT7523 FP.

The SQUAD seed treatment system highlights a special treatment technology that creates a smooth surface that allows for better seed identification, improved flowability and planting, and more uniform seed distribution throughout the field, along with proven fungicide and insecticide treatments.

RiceTec and ADAMA provide this total-package weed management system that is fully supported by a team of technical service representatives to make a positive impact on today’s farmers. These representatives are readily available to assist growers in adjusting to this new cropping solution and advising on best practices for use of Preface and Postscript for each farm.

RiceTec seed characteristics are determined from data collected from RiceTec and/or university field trials, and are not a guarantee of performance, nor do they constitute a warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.