The Max-Ace® Cropping Solution with Highcard™ gives rice growers an excellent tool for weed control and high yield. Max-Ace with Highcard is now available for the 2023 growing season. The two primary Max-Ace products being released are RTv7231 MA and RT7331 MA.

The Max-Ace technology takes advantage of a unique, non-GMO trait that gives the rice enhanced tolerance to the Highcard herbicide. Highcard features a proprietary safener which grants enhanced tolerance to Max-Ace rice while providing excellent postemergence control of a broad spectrum of difficult-to-control grass weeds, including red and weedy rice and IMI-resistant weeds.

Applying ADAMA’s HighCard™ herbicide provides weed control of:

  • Signalgrass
  • Barnyardgrass
  • Sprangletop
  • Weedy/Red/Feral Rice


Stewardship is critical to all rice herbicide-tolerant systems to prevent the development of herbicide-resistant weedy rice. Growers using the Max-Ace Rice Cropping Solution are required to sign a stewardship agreement when purchasing Max-Ace seed. Stewardship requirements are based on common Best Management Practices for optimum weed control and resistance prevention.

RiceTec seed characteristics are determined from data collected from RiceTec and/or university field trials, and are not a guarantee of performance, nor do they constitute a warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.