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Julie Bodine
Director, Global Corporate Communications

Texas and Louisiana Rice Growers Ready to Plant – Awaiting Perfect Soil Temperatures

ALVIN, TX (March 10, 2022) – Rice growers across Texas and Louisiana are preparing for a positive 2022 crop year and have already started some water and drill seeding, but most await more favorable soil temperatures.

“Weather so far this spring has been very favorable for land preparation allowing producers to be “sitting on go” for planting,” said Jeff Mosley, RiceTec Regional Sales Manager.

RiceTec anticipates that rice acres will be flat or slightly up for the 2022 crop year for Texas and Southern Louisiana. On acres that require a product with herbicide technology (HT), FullPage® hybrid RT7321 FP is a popular choice across the Gulf Coast rice areas along with its companion, RT7521 FP. The much-anticipated Max-Ace® hybrid product, along with RiceTec’s first varietal release with HT traits, RTv7231 MA have also been in high demand. Additionally, Conventional hybrid XP753 continues to be the market leader in acres intended for non-HT plantings in both states.

Producers have expressed concerns about the current situation in Eastern Europe and its impact on the market and availability of nitrogen (N) fertilizers; however, despite those concerns and high soybean prices, rice still proves to be a viable commodity.

“In the last crop, the 2021 season was highlighted for a reduction in rice areas in the midsouth,” said Mosley. “However, rice demand continues to be strong which is strengthening prices in the market. Hopefully the prices sustain throughout 2022 season.”

Although rice is a high input crop, it is also seen as a high return crop. “A savvy producer can maximize the return on his investment in a rice crop by using RiceTec products on his acres due to the hybrid’s performance stability across a wide range of environments, production practices, and management levels,” added Mosley.

Hybrid rice products continue to perform well when subjected to stressful conditions like environmental factors, diseases, and insect pressures. “Combine this with RiceTec’s hybrid’s ability to produce very strong second crop yields, and lucrative customer programs such as loyalty and volume rebates, we think this lends to more chances for a producer’s successful profitability.”

With planting getting underway, RiceTec field teams suggest that producers focus on making sure drills are in good working order. They recommend reviewing the condition of rubber seed tubes, seed cups and doors, drive wheel tires, and any other part(s) of the drill that should be free of holes and replaced if worn or damaged. The drill should also be calibrated before going to the field.

“Don’t forget to inflate the drive wheels and other tires to manufacturer recommended specifications as that can most definitely affect the calibration,” suggests Mosley. “Taking these steps will ensure the proper amount of seed is planted to maximize production, and profits in the long run.”

In addition to the rebates, RiceTec provides additional programs that add extra value for a producer including but not limited to replant programs, stand guarantees for qualified producers, and industry agronomic expertise in their local sales managers.

“Our goal as a field sales team is to provide as much support to the producer as we can to help ensure a successful outcome, said Mosley. “If you’re still in need of rice seed, don’t hesitate to contact RiceTec now.”

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