RiceTec Launches 2021 Seed Sales


RiceTec brings new products and super loyalty to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

 Jonesboro, AR (Oct. 7, 2020) – RiceTec launches the 2021 sales season with an all-star line-up of products, including two FullPage™ products that showed positive results in 2020 harvest and a limited supply of a new low chalk option.

Two FullPage™ products are on sale for 2021: RT7321 FP, which has shown a +25%* yield advantage versus CL153, and combined with a superior disease package, growers have seen improved grain retention and excellent ratoon potential. Second, as part of the new generation of high-yielding RiceTec products, RT7521 FP delivers excellent yield potential and the ability to spread out harvest with a slightly later maturity of 117 days.

“FullPage™ products have exceeded expectations in the fields and we’ve seen impressive tolerance from Preface on our FullPage products too,” said Van McNeely, RiceTec Director of Sales and Technical Services. “Supplies have also increased for 2021 planting and based on grower experiences in 2020, we expect the largest volume increase in RT7321 FP and RT7521 FP.”

Responding to demand, and acting on successful research, RiceTec will now offer a lower chalk seed option. RT7401 will be available at introductory levels and yields similar to XP753.

Additionally, the conventional XP753 has continued to provide growers with the greatest net income potential of any competitive rice product in the marketplace. This product also proves to administer consistent performance in any environment.

Another option for growers looking for an alternative conventional product is the high-yielding RT7301, which challenges the Diamond product with more than +22%* yield advantage at a lower price point. Growers have also seen excellent ratoon potential and superior disease resistance in this product.

RiceTec is also expanding its loyalty program by adding a Super Loyalty Rebate for growers to earn additional opportunities on rebate programs for planting RiceTec seed over the next three consecutive years.

RiceTec will also continue to offer a seed return policy, a 100% stand guarantee policy and a replant policy, all to achieve maximum customer satisfaction**.

“The 2021 sales season has already kicked-off strong with growers requesting products directly from the combine,” said McNeely. “We encourage clients to place their seed orders early this season.”

Growers can find more information about purchasing RiceTec seed at www.ricetec.com or calling 877-580-7423.



*This is not a guarantee of performance nor a warranty of fitness for a particular use.

**Conventional and FullPage products are eligible.


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