Harvesting Hope 2023

RiceTec customer will receive one bag of seed at no charge for 2024 planting by participating in the “Harvesting Hope” program.

• Customer must fill out the enrollment form and provide it to their local RiceTec district sales manager.

• Customer will purchase RiceTec seed for 2023 planting.
• When the rice is harvested and sold, the grower will inform the grain purchaser that a one-acre quantity of grain (approximately 200bu) is designated for the charity entered on the enrollment form.
• Once Customer Service verifies the charity of choice received the payment, the customer will be earmarked for a no-charge bag of seed for planting in 2024.

Follow Up
• Customer Service will work with the grain purchaser to verify one-acre quantity of grain was designated to the charity.
• DSM will contact the customer once payment is verified to determine RiceTec seed type.
• If farmer has suggestions for future charities, please give information to Customer Service.

• Only a limited number of acres will be available for the Harvesting Hope program in 2023.
• Customer must complete the enrollment form by August 15, 2023 to participate.
Farmer will have the choice of a designated non-HT RiceTec seed or a designated FullPage® seed.

Contact your RiceTec Representative or Customer Service for enrollment information.