RiceTec and ADAMA have collaborated to improve yields and provide new technology for rice farmers. After years of trials and development, RiceTec’s FullPage Rice Cropping Solution is designed for improved hybrid herbicide tolerance and industry-leading yields.* Applying ADAMA’s Preface™ and Postscript™ herbicides provides pre- and post-emergence weed control of:

• Red/weedy/feral rice

• Propanil- and quinclorac-resistant barnyardgrass

• Most other common rice weeds

It’s clear that RiceTec’s FullPage Rice Cropping Solution is delivering as promised for farmers*.

2020 Rebate Terms

For 2020, FullPage growers will be eligible for a $19/gallon herbicide rebate by meeting the requirements in the table below**. To find your local RiceTec representative, call us at 877.580.7423. Learn more at RiceTec.com/FullPage.

*This is not a guarantee of performance nor a warranty of fitness for a particular use.

**In order to qualify for the rebate, ADAMA herbicides and RiceTec FullPage seeds must be purchased by the same entity or business name.