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Julie Bodine
Director, Global Corporate Communications

RiceTec Unveils SQUAD® Seed Treatment Line for 2024 Rice:
Enhanced Customization and Protection for Rice Farmers

ALVIN, TX (October 23, 2023) – RiceTec is excited to announce its new SQUAD® seed treatment line with its 2024 rice seed offerings. With SQUAD, growers will have multiple seed treatment options for a customized fit within their production systems.

For 2024, the SQUAD product line will consist of three different seed treatment options: SQUAD Pro, SQUAD Gulf, and SQUAD Delta. All three SQUAD products will include a base package of gibberellic acid, zinc, and a combination of four fungicides.

For growers in the Midsouth looking for a premium seed treatment in the bag, RiceTec will have a limited supply of SQUAD Pro. The SQUAD Pro package offers broad-spectrum, early-season insect and disease protection combined with increased rice water weevil control and suppression of grape colaspis. While this product fits on all drill-seeded acres, it provides extra protection for pests associated with row rice.

For Gulf Coast rice farmers, SQUAD Gulf is customized for growers along the coast that deal primarily with rice water weevils and stem borers throughout the season. The SQUAD Gulf package has approval for use in both water-seeded and drill-seeded production systems.

Finally, SQUAD Delta will be the most widely available package that fits most of the Midsouth production systems. SQUAD Delta has been a reliable seed treatment package for several years throughout the southern rice belt and has provided consistent early-season insect and disease protection for most drill-seeded rice acres.

“We are excited about our 2024 SQUAD offerings and what we’re looking at for future products,” says Garrison Hardke, RiceTec Marketing Manager. “Under the SQUAD brand, we are evaluating several new products that will provide our customers with turnkey seed treatment solutions to address a number of issues, including pest control, stand establishment, and crop nutrition.”


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