Scientific Advisory Board Drives Innovation and Sustainability in Agriculture

A new Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) was formed by the Liechtenstein Group, comprised of experts in sustainable agriculture and global R&D. The SAB will play a crucial role for Liechtenstein Group and especially for RiceTec, helping to advance their collective commitment to innovation and sustainability. The newly formed SAB brings together a diverse group of accomplished professionals, each with a wealth of knowledge, global experience, and passion for science that enhances sustainable agriculture.

SAB Board Members

David Fischhoff: David will chair the SAB. As a world pioneer in ag biotech, he spent most of his career at Monsanto, holding various global technology and business positions. David received the prestigious Innovation Prize for Agricultural Technology from the American Society of Plant Biologists and serves on several scientific advisory boards.

Richard Broglie: Richard is an experienced R&D leader with over 40 years of international experience across multiple crops. He spent more than 30 years in various scientific and strategic leadership roles at DuPont, including responsibility for establishing R&D activities in India, China, and Brazil. He recently served as Chief Technology Officer at Pivot Bio. 

Robert Zeigler: Robert is a globally renowned scientist, spending most of his career in the public sector across all continents, but always focused on rice and sustainability. Among his many achievements is 10 years of service as the Director General and CEO of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI). He is also a board member of the Sustainable Rice Platform. 

The primary objective of the SAB is to offer strategic guidance on research direction, providing an independent perspective to shape and inform future endeavors. The board members will collaborate with R&D teams, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and knowledge. They will share insights on industry best practices and ensure that all entities of the Liechtenstein Group remain at the forefront of innovation and continue to lead in advancing sustainable agriculture.

By integrating the insights of these industry experts with our R&D teams, RiceTec and other Liechtenstein Group companies will remain at the forefront of innovation. This collaboration will accelerate the development of innovative solutions, further advance RiceTec’s vision of sustainable agriculture, and create more value for farmers, consumers, and the planet.