2017 RiceTec Replant Policy

The 2017 RiceTec  Replant Policy is designed to provide RiceTec seed customers a replant credit in the event a customer does not get an adequate initial stand on his/her RiceTec rice acreage.

RiceTec customers will be offered a no questions asked 50% replant opportunity on any RiceTec rice seed under the following conditions:


  • Customer orders and receives seed from an authorized RiceTec Service Partner location in 2017
  • Customer must use current year tested and germ guaranteed seed to be eligible for replant.
  • Customer must have a RiceTec representative view the field in question.
  • Customers who choose to replant RiceTec fields without first being viewed by RiceTec personnel will forfeit the opportunity to receive the replant credit.
  • When replant is determined to be necessary, only RiceTec seed may be purchased for replant to be eligible for the credit.
  • RiceTec will offer a 50% replant credit for RiceTec seed purchased to replant the field in question in 2017.
  • The credit will be applied to the customer’s account upon receipt of all documentation of the replant field, and once it is determined the customer is in good standing with RiceTec.
  • The 50% credit will be calculated based on RiceTec’s full list price.
  • A replant credit will not be provided to customers with any unpaid seed balances.

Additional information:

  • If, at the time of replant determination, it is determined to be a RiceTec seed quality issue, and unfeasible to replant rice in the field, RiceTec will provide seed for the following season to plant 50% of the equivalent acres at our recommended seeding rate, as long as the customer purchases the other 50% if the equivalent acres for planting the following season.
  • To qualify for deferred replant the current/remaining RiceTec rice crop must be destroyed and no rice can be planted in the field until next season.
  • With the increased demand for RiceTec products, for the 2017 planting season, RiceTec will not hold a supply of seed for replant purposes. If RiceTec seed is not supplied to the grower within 24 hours of the RiceTec representative viewing the field in question then the grower may purchase and plant a competitor’s product. The grower will be eligible for the deferred replant under the same conditions mentioned above excluding no rice can be planted in the field.